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Passive voice
in future

Presentation / Objective

“Teenagers that have become incredibly rich.”

Welcome to this lesson!! We are glad that to have you here.

In this lesson, you will see how some teenagers around the world have come up with incredible ideas. See how those ideas have helped them become rich or even millionaires. It is exciting to see how they have had such incredible views and how they have achieved so much in so little time.

Imagine you could show your millionaire ideas to the world:
What audience will they be aimed at?
What kind of materials will be used?


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to use expressions in passive voice to talk about the future results of an action, using the preposition by.

To learn about passive voice in future, you will:




Hello!! Before starting this lesson, we should make a review of the passive voice structures.



As you saw in the video, Passive Voice is used when we want to emphasize that the result of an action is important and not the subject that makes the action.

This is an ACTIVE sentence

And this is the same sentence but in passive voice.

Let’s practice a little bit.

Can you identify if these sentences are Active or Passive?

Let’s continue.

You are going to read the story of Rick and his millionaire idea:

Could you identify some of the PASSIVE VOICE SENTENCES?

• Alert messages will be sent to your phone
• The App will be launched in all the U.S. next Friday
• The App will be used a lot…
What elements do you identify?

What elements do you identify?

Passive Voice in Future

As mentioned above, Passive voice sentences have some unique elements. In this case, we are using the auxiliary WILL, and the verb BE.
Remember this structure emphasises the action and not the subject.


Activity 1

Young Entrepreneurs

1. When we read a text, understanding correctly is importnat. The following text tells the story of two youngsters that have had great ideas that will be put into action very soon. Before you start, think about young people that have earned a lot of money with their plans.

An entrepreneur is a person who organises and manages a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. What kind of business would you like to have?

2.Read the stories about Claudia and Nick..

3. After reading the article “Young Entrepreneurs” complete the matching activity that will help you explain the general idea of the text.
Match the sentences to the picture of Nick or Claudia. At the end of the exercise, you can know your score.

4. When you finish the matching exercise, decide if the following statements are True or False by choosing the appropriate option. At the end of the exercise, you can know your score.

Now, reflect on these questions:

• What do you think about their ideas?
• Would you like to have similar businesses?
• How could you help your community at the same time?
• What inspires you to create a business?


Activity 2

The young owner of a house

1. . Sometimes it is easy to achieve goals, and it is better if you have the support of your family. In the next video, you will see how Willow Tufano a teenager is earning money. She might be able to buy something that sometimes is difficult to obtain even for an adult. What are some “big” things that you would like to buy?

Hilary. (2012). n/t. Retrieved 11/01/17 from http://hilaryleveyfriedman.com/pint-sized-phenoms-sports-spelling-and-shopping/


2. How did she get her house?

Watch the video following this link and then answer the questions.

If you think it is difficult to understand, you can repeat it as many times as necessary. Then, complete the sentences that summarise the video.

3. Do you remember?

Decide if the following statements are True or False by choosing the correct option. At the end of the exercise, you can know your score.



Activity 3

Magazine Article

1. Maybe someday you will be asked to write an article about an interview. What elements do you think should be included?

2. Do you remember the video about Willow Tufano, the owner of a house?

Imagine you interviewed her. She will talk about how she will use the gift card from ACE for 10,000 dollars for the improvements for the house she bought.

Before you start, organise your ideas:
What will be done to the house?
When will it be done?

Remember the intention and the structure of magazine articles. Use the passive voice in future, for example:

“The changes that will be done to the house will start in the bathroom…”

You have to write between 180 and 200 words.

You will be evaluated in the following aspects
1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Topic
4. Order of ideas
5. Vocabulary

Once you have finished writing your story, evaluate it using the following checklist. After that, look for your score on the “Results chart” and see how good you are at this skill using comparison and superlatives.



Activity 4

What would you do?

1. The Headmaster of UNAM has decided to give you and your class group a sum of money to make improvements to the university. You can choose how and where to do them. However, he has some special requirements that you need to meet to receive the money.

The special areas to be improved are: • The classrooms appearance
• The green spaces
• Garbage management
• Information Resources

If your plan of action is appropriate, you will receive the money to do those and other changes in the areas you consider important.

2. What’s your plan?

Write down the ideas that you have for your plan, giving supporting details. When you finish, organise it by bullets since you will be recording your voice.

Ready? Use a device to record your speech, such as a cell phone, a computer or a tablet. You will be evaluated in the following aspects:

1. Pronunciation
2. Grammar
3. Order of ideas
4. Vocabulary
5. Topic


Before recording yourself, study the elements that will be used to evaluate you. They are described in the following rubrics.

Then evaluate yourself using the checklist to know how well you did!

Once you are ready, you will record your voice.



Complete using the correct form

These sentences are about Lorraine Baker. She is an American Girl who had the idea of a teenagers’ magazine. The sentences tells about “We are the future,” Lorraine's incredible and millionaire magazine idea. She realised that her previous and new middle schools shared similar problems. She thought it would be nice to share them with other students to let them know that they were not alone.

Select the correct option to complete the sentences.


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