When you use a noun, it can be substituted by a pronoun and it can be with or without an adjective. The sentence has only one action, the feeling.

  • I love sport cars
  • She likes horror movies
  • We enjoy tropical music
  • They hate bananas
  • He doesn’t like spinach
  • He doesn’t enjoy parties
  • Mike doesn’t love animals
  • Susan doesn’t hate you


a) A verb in infinitive form. It is used to refer to a particular moment or situation.

  • I love to watch this movie,
  • I like to eat this dish, it is delicious
  • We hate to see people like that man
  • We don’t like to travel by subway today
  • Mike looks boring, he doesn’t like to see this game

Note: The verb “enjoy” is never followed by a verb in infinitive form.

b) A gerund form. It is used to refer to situations in general, routinely or habitually events.

  • I love watching box fights
  • I hate playing soccer salsa
  • Mary likes driving
  • We hate eating meat
  • The girls don’t love working on Sundays
  • Tom doesn’t enjoy singing in public
  • I don’t hate playing soccer

Note: The verb “enjoy” is always followed by a verb in gerund form. In this unit you are going to practice to know and practice these verbs with other verbs.